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A 73-year old Murrieta woman identified as Belinda Baliton was killed and two others in the car in which she was a passenger were injured as a result of a head-on wreck caused by a suspected drunk driver late Wednesday night.  It happened just before midnight near Hancock Avenue and Parkcrest Drive.  29-year old Anthony Ryan Scott from Murrieta was arrested for suspicion of DUI, vehicular manslaughter and other related charges.  He was booked into French Valley jail and later released on $75k bond.

A suspect with a felony warrant eluded San Diego Sheriff’s deputies giving chase last evening around 7:30p on Disney Lane in Bonsall.  Sheriff’s ASTREA helicopter was unable to assist due to overcast skies. 43-year old Joey Oross from Vista is wanted on charges of possession of methamphetamines for sale.

Toxic algae is once again blooming in Lake Elsinore.  It happens most summers. The patches of what’s commonly called blue-green algae look like streaks of spilled paint on the lake.  Riverside County officials have recently posted caution signs on Lake Elsinore beaches, at Diamond Valley Lake and other reservoirs specifying what water activities should be avoided.  Lake Skinner is not included in the advisories.  Swimming is generally permitted if a distance is maintained from clumps of algae.  Don’t drink the water or use it for cooking.  Pets are especially at-risk, with dogs licking their fur after being contaminated with the algae.  It’s okay to eat fish caught in a lake under advisory, but the guts should be carefully disposed of and the filets washed thoroughly before cooking.

The city of Encinitas is adding more license plate-reading cameras at entrances to the city.  It’s the result of San Diego County Sheriffs reporting the initial pilot program was successful at solving retail theft, missing person, and assault cases.

Pala weather will see May Gray clearing to sunny afternoons with highs in the 70s and overnight lows in the low-50s for another week.  The full forecast is coming up. (below)


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In the NBA playoffs – The Denver/Minnesota semifinal series is going the distance.  Last night the Timberwolves evened it at three games apiece with a 115-70 rout of the Nuggets.  Game 7 is Sunday in Denver.  Tonight, the Knicks are at Indianapolis, leading their series with the Pacers three games to two.  If needed, that Game 7 will also happen Sunday.  Boston hosts the Eastern Finals beginning Tuesday.

In Major League Baseball – The Padres had the day off yesterday to think about having been swept by the last-place Rockies.  The Dodgers lost to Cincinnati 7-2.  The Angels didn’t play.  Weekend series begin today with the Padres in Atlanta, the Angels against the Rangers in Arlington, and the Dodgers playing Game 2 of 4 hosting Cincinnati.

Yesterday’s loss by the Dodgers attracted a sellout crowd of 53,527 – the best-attended game in the Majors so far this year.  The reason?  It was Shohei Ohtani bobblehead giveaway night.  The first 40k fans got one.  Some of them appeared on eBay overnight priced at $150 and up.  About 1,700 road gray jersey bobbleheads were randomly mixed into the giveaway.  One was listed on eBay at $2,300.  Tickets for the game were going for $168 to $388 including fees on StubHub.

In the minors – The Lake Elsinore Storm beat the Rawhide at Visalia 7-2 last night.  Game 4 of 6 is tonight.

In the NHL playoffs – The Rangers won their series against the Hurricanes last night in Carolina four games to two.  Last night’s final score was 5-3.  Vancouver beat the visiting Edmonton Oilers 3-2 to take a three-games to two lead in that Western 2nd Round series.  Game Six is tomorrow in Edmonton.  Tonight, it’s Florida at Boston and Dallas at Colorado.  Florida and Colorado each lead three games to two.

In Soccer – The LA Galaxy play at Charlotte tomorrow.

In Rugby – The San Diego Legion’s next game is this Sunday hosting New England.

In golf – At the PGA Championship in Louisville, Collin Morakawa had the lead through 16 at 11-under par.  Yesterday’s leader, Xander Schauffelle had yet to tee off today.

Even if you’re the world’s #1 golfer, driving around traffic stopped for investigation of a fatal accident isn’t okay just because you have to be at work.  It ended up a lot worse than that as Scott Scheffler was arrested and charged with assault on an officer and three other crimes while driving a marked tournament courtesy car yesterday near Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville.  It was a confusing scene and accounts by ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, who witnessed and filmed the arrest tend to exonerate Scheffler, as do accounts by other witnesses.  Scheffler has an especially clean reputation and his lawyer says the 27-year old will cooperate fully with the police investigation.  In spite of his trip to jail, Scheffler was released without bail, made his tee time and started round 2 with two birdies and a bogie.  Through 15 holes he was in fourth place, five strokes behind the lead.  Scheffler has won four of his last five tournaments.

In local high school sports – Just a few CIF tournament games left in softball and lacrosse.



As of midday trading on Wall Street, stocks were mixed.  The Dow was up 2 tenths of a percent and still hovering just below 40K.  The S&P 500 was flat.  And the NASDAQ was down not quite a tenth.  Gold traded $26.80 higher on the Comex at $2,412.30 an ounce.  Oil was up 33 cents with West Texas Intermediate Crude futures at $79.56 a barrel.

Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell has tested positive for Covid-19 for a second time.  The 71-year old has symptoms and is working from home to avoid exposing others.  The next scheduled Federal Reserve meeting isn’t until June 11.

According to research by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, about one in seven Gen Z credit card borrowers have maxed out their cards.  By comparison, less than one in twenty Baby Boomers and one in ten Gen Xers have hit their borrowing limits.  Overall debt is increasing with severe delinquencies among all age groups now approaching 11% – the highest it’s been since 2012.  One third of maxed-out borrowers are delinquent on payments.  The number of people with credit card payments more than 90 days overdue had tumbled to record lows during the pandemic.  Credit experts offer the usual advice for those who feel trapped by credit card debt.  Transfer high-interest rate balances to cards currently offering 0% for up to 21 months.  Seek out credit counseling from non-profit organizations.  And either boost income through side jobs or cut expenses.

We hear a lot about the woes of airlines – the struggle for business, the need to merge, and cuts in service or routes.  This week, Singapore Airlines reported a record net annual profit of almost $2b.  It was named the world’s best airline by Skytrax World Airline Awards for a fifth time in the 23-year history of the awards.  Employees are reaping benefits.  Though it’s not supposed to be public knowledge, the carrier will reward employees with the equivalent of nearly eight months of salary.  They’re not the only exceptionally successful airline.  Reuters News reported this week that Dubai-based Emirates is paying its staff a 20-weeks pay bonus.



New movies opening in theaters this weekend include the biopic, “Back to Black” about the life of Amy Winehouse, the horror-thriller “The Strangers: Chapter 1”, and a PG comedy-fantasy called “If” about a child who can see and talk to the forgotten or discarded imaginary friends of others.

The London Times published its annual Rich List today.  81-year old former Beatle Paul McCartney – the UK’s first billionaire musician now has a $1.3b net worth thanks to his longevity and the continuing popularity of his songs.  Beyonce’s latest album, “Cowboy Carter” includes a cover of his 1968 song, “Blackbird”, the royalties from which will add further to his wealth.  Next month, a live studio album called “One Hand Clapping” is set to be released for the first time since it was recorded by McCartney’s band, Wings in 1974.  In 1964, he sang the Lennon-McCartney composition, “Can’t Buy Me Love” which includes the lyrics, “I don’t care too much for money”.  But for someone who doesn’t care, he’s awfully good at making it.

Elon Musk today announced that his brain implant startup company, Neuralink is accepting applications for a second human trial participant.  The first implant was done five months ago in the brain of a 30-year old quadriplegic injured in a driving accident eight years ago, who although the device has had problems that required adjustments, says it’s transformed his life.  One month after his operation, the man could control a computer with his brain and was videoed playing chess on a computer. The goal for Neuralink is to use implants to connect human brains to computers allowing paralyzed people to control phones and computers, or to enable the blind to see.  The implants do that by collecting electrical signals within the brain and interpreting them as actions.

Be careful about that search for the hottest spicy food.  The chief medical examiner’s office in Massachusetts has determined that a teenager with a congenital heart defect who died of a heart attack last September, did so because of eating a tortilla chip with an excessively high concentration of capsaicin – the natural chemical in chili peppers that give them their heat.  That chip was part of tortilla chip company, Paqui’s “One Chip Challenge”.  The product, seasoned with Carolina Reaper and Naga Viper peppers and sold in a coffin-shaped box was removed from store shelves following the teen’s death.  On the Scovil scale, the Reaper pepper ranks just below the pepper spray used to subdue criminals.  The Naga Viper comes in at 1.2m heat units on the scale.  For comparison, a jalapeño is about 5k heat units.  A spokesperson for Paqui noted that the product was clearly labeled that it was not for children or anyone sensitive to spicy foods or with underlying health conditions.


On this day in music history – May 17,

  • In 1963, The first Monterey Folk Festival was held over three days, featuring Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and Peter Paul and Mary.  Four years later, the venue turned to rock and roll and became the Monterey Pop Festival, introducing Jimi Hendrix and The Who to American concert audiences.
  • In 1964, Bob Dylan made his first European concert appearance at the Royal Festival Hall in London.  His 18-song set included his first live performance of “Mr. Tambourine Man”.
  • In 1967, The Beatles began recording the new John Lennon song, “You Know My Name (Look Up My Number)”.  I wasn’t finished until 2 ½ years later and not released until March of 1970 as the B-side of the “Let It Be” single.  It was never released on an original Beatles album.
  • On the same day, Glen Campbell recorded “Gentle On My Mind” at Capitol Recording Studio in Hollywood.  Written by John Hartford and arranged by Leon Russell, the song won four Grammy awards the following year and became the theme for the television variety show Campbell hosted from 1969 to 1972.
  • Also on this day in 1967, The Tremeloes hit #1 with their version of the Four Seasons song, “Silence is Golden”, which had been the B-side to “Rag Doll”.
  • In 1969, album sales exceeded singles sales in Britain for the first time.  Album sales had been dominant in the U.S. since 1967.
  • In 1971, Dawn were at #1 with “Knock Three Times”.
  • In 1975, Elton John was awarded a Platinum Record for sales of one million copies of his LP, “Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy” – the first album ever certified platinum on the day of its release.
  • In 1986, Whitney Houston began the first of three weeks at #1 with “The Greatest Love of All”.
  • In 1987, fire destroyed Tom Petty’s house in LA
  • In 1990, Chad Channing played his final show with Nirvana.  Four months later, Dave Grohl replaced him in the group.
  • In 2006, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills publicly admitted they were splitting up after four years of marriage.
  • In 2012, Donna Summer, known as the Queen of Disco, died of lung cancer.  She believed she contracted it from debris in air from the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.
  • In 2016, Alanis Morissette sued her former manager for $5m, claiming Jonathan Schwartz had transferred money to his personal accounts without permission.

Born on this day …

  • In 1941, Malcom Hale from the 1960s pop group Spanky and Our Gang.
  • In 1944, Canadian folk singer Jesse Winchester.
  • In 1948, Bill Bruford, original drummer for Yes
  • In 1953, George Johnson from the R&B funk band The Brothers Johnson
  • In 1955, singer and drummer Country Dick Montana
  • In 1959, Paul Dianno, original lead vocalist with Iron Maiden
  • In 1960, Simon Fuller, creator of the American Idol series and manager of The Spice Girls, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and others
  • In 1965, Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails
  • In 1968, Dave Abbruzzese, drummer with Pearl Jam from 1991 to 94.
  • In 1970, Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block


Other celebrity anniversaries today

  • Actor, comedian and talk show host Craig Ferguson is 62
  • Among those who’ve passed, actor, director, the late Bill Paxton was born in 1955
  • Comedian and game show host Bob Saget was born in 1956.


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