Episode 26 – Skye McMicheal

Eric Ortega May 18, 2024

Episode 26 – Skye McMicheal

Pala Life: Past and Present
I have the honor of presenting the story of Kisily Pewick as told by Rosenda Nolasquez. Kisily Pewick was born in Cupa. His mother took him away to another village after a war in which the entire Cupa village was killed. He was just a baby. At the other village he was bigger and stronger than the other kids. He also proved to be a better hunter. After several years his mother told him who he was and where he came from. The clip that I picked from the story is where Kisily Pewick’s kids are named. There is Kaval, Blacktooth(Pe’tama Tulnikish) and Norte. The story appears in the book “Mulu Wetam” and starts on page 35. After the story, there is a Birdsong by the Inter-Tribal Bird-singers. The show will conclude with the second part of a conversation with Skye McMicheal as he discusses the importance of the “Drum” at a Powwow. He also speaks about the uniqueness of Pala’s Sixth Annual “Honoring Traditions” Powwow.

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Eric Ortega
Pala Tribal member Eric Ortega lives on the Pala Indian Reservation with his wife and children. He is very involved with the culture, history and the education of the local community. His show “Pala Life: Past and Present” has won awards from the San Diego Press Club.

Pala Life: Past and Present” is the show where you can hear about the history of Pala Through The Eyes of the people who have lived here. Eric Ortega also produces “Songs of the Southwest” which showcases local Native American traditional songs from Southern California Arizona and Nevada.

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