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Freeform music where anything is possible hosted by San Diego rock radio icon, Jim McInnes using music from Jim's personal library.

Freeform music where anything is possible hosted by Jim McInnes. Classic rock deep tracks from San Diego radio icon Jim McInnes’ personal music library form the basis of this music lover’s show every Friday evening from 8 to 11p. Jim came to San Diego to work on San Diego’s first free-form FM, KPRI 106.5 in 1973.  The following year when unsuccessful 101.5 KBKB decided to “recyle” itself as KGB FM in competition with KPRI, they hired away Jim to do mornings.  For the following  28-years through the 1970’s, 80s and 90s, JM held court on 101.5 KGB including producing most of that station’s Homegrown album series and hosting the Homegrown Show.  Jim was and still is a constant presence at local music venues and a musician himself with the San Diego-based band The Shenanigans.  Jim is uniquely qualified to offer up classic rock deep tracks and music from local artists you don’t hear on any other radio station … maybe not even on satellite or streaming services. Rez Radio already had a 4,500 song playlist. Jim’s library brings Rez Radio’s rock music commitment to a whole new level. Jim, with his radio wit and musical wisdom joins a group of Rez Radio music programmers including locally-based folk musician Joel Rafael, Top 40 expert Mark Gleason, local music scene aficionado Chris Carmichael and station manager John Fox for a combined total experience in broadcasting of about 200 years … NOT an exaggeration! Still very much alive and kicking, JM in the PM is once again in his Vinyl Resting Place on the FM, back where he started in San Diego … on KPRI.

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