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Written by on May 16, 2024

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A 17-year old boy died from gunshot wounds suffered last night in the parking lot of a business park on Los Vallecitos Boulevard in San Marcos.  The victim was part of a group standing in the lot when an unknown vehicle pulled up in the street and an unknown suspect got out and fired several rounds at the group.  The victim died shortly after arriving at Palomar Hospital.  He’d been taken there by two others in the group.  The motive and other details leading up to the shooting are under investigation.

Suspicious residents and Riverside Sheriff’s deputies yesterday found what turned out to be a live surveillance device planted in the yard of a Crowne Hill Drive home in Temecula.  Assuming the possibility of it being a bomb, Sheriff’s Haz-mat responded and evacuated the area while it identified the device buried in a hedge, obscured by a fake plant.  It turned out to be a camera wrapped in electrical tape with a battery and a cellular hotspot.  A neighbor’s security camera recorded two masked men carrying something into the yard where the camera was found.  It’s not the first such device found in the region.  Law enforcement agencies suspect the devices are being used to case homes for potential burglary.  Yesterday’s device discovery is still under investigation.

CHP is offering another free Start Smart driving class for young and novice drivers in Temecula this Monday, May 20.  The two-hour class will be 6 to 8p at Temecula City Hall.  Parents are encouraged to attend with their teens.  To register, contact CHP Officer Mike Lassig.

Pala will have cooler than normal weather for the next week with cloudy mornings and mostly sunny afternoons.  Overnight lows will drop back into the upper 40s this weekend. The full forecast is coming up. (below)


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In the NBA playoffs – The Boston Celtics are moving on to the next round thanks to last night’s 113-98 win over the visiting Cleveland Cavaliers.  Boston took the Eastern semifinal series 4 games to 1.  In Oklahoma City, the Mavericks won Game 5 of that Western semifinal 104-92.  Dallas now leads three games to two.  Tonight, Denver is at Minnesota for Game 6.  They lead three games to two.

The 76ers Tyrese Maxey was named this season’s NBA Sportsmanship Award winner this morning. The 23-year old earned a Most Improved Player award last month.

In Major League Baseball – The Padres added to Colorado’s win streak, losing an 8-0 shutout yesterday.  The Rockies have now won their last seven games.  But they’re still in last place in the NL West, four games behind 4th place San Francisco.  The Padres are 7 ½ behind the first-place Dodgers and are now in a tie for second with Arizona, who edged Cincinnati 2-1 yesterday.  The Dodgers lost 4-1 at San Francisco.

Houston Astros starting pitcher Ronel Blanco, who was ejected from Tuesday’s game for having a foreign substance on his glove has been suspended by the league for ten games.  He was also assessed an undisclosed fine.  According to Houston general manager Dana Brown, Blanco will not appeal the suspension.

In the minors – The Lake Elsinore Storm beat the Rawhide at Visalia 9-3 last night.  Game 3 of 6 is tonight.

In the NHL playoffs – Dallas now leads Colorado three games to two after beating the visiting Avalanche 5-3 last night.  Tonight, the Rangers are at Carolina leading three games to two.  And the Oilers are at Vancouver with that series tied at two games apiece.

In Soccer – LAFC won 2-0 last night at St. Louis.  The Galaxy and Minnesota tied 2-2.  This Saturday, the Galaxy is at Charlotte.

In Rugby – The San Diego Legion’s next game is this Sunday hosting New England.

In golf – The PGA Championship teed off today in Louisville.  Brooks Koepka is the defending champion.  With most of the field still on the course, Xander Schauffelle was the early leader into the clubhouse with a 9-under par 62 first round.

In local high school sports – Just a few CIF tournament games left in softball and lacrosse.



As of midday trading on Wall Street, stocks were mixed and trading in a narrow range.  The Dow gained a tenth of a percent.  It was up a little more earlier today, breaking through 40k for the first time in history.  The S&P 500 was up a small fraction.  The NASDAQ fell an equally small fraction.  Comex gold traded down $8.90 an ounce at $2,386 an ounce.  The benchmark West Texas Intermediate Crude oil futures were up 52 cents at $79.15 a barrel.

Apple has settled a class action lawsuit over defects in materials used in certain model iPhones.  Part of the $35m settlement includes up to $349 compensation to those who owned iPhone 7 or 7 Plus models between September 16, 2016 and January 3, 2023.  They must have complained to Apple about audio issues and paid for repairs themselves to qualify for the full payout.  Unrepaired phones qualify for partial compensation.  Defective audio chips are said to have caused the problem.  The lawsuit claimed Apple concealed the defect.  In settling, Apple admits no wrongdoing.  iPhone 7 owners only have until June 8 to apply.

Mortgage rates fell for the second week in a row to just over 7%.  The last time they were lower was mid-April.  The latest average for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage was 7.02%, according to Freddie Mac.  Last Spring it was 6.39%.  Real estate experts say it’ll take rates in the 5% range to really unfreeze the market for homes.  First, lower rates need to unfreeze existing owners who are currently unwilling to sell because they don’t want a high rate on their next home.

Lower rates will help, but it’s still difficult for first-time home buyers in Southern California.  It currently takes over $200k income to qualify for the median-priced home here.  That’s twice the national average.



The first of the Las Vegas super-hotel and casinos, The Mirage is closing after 34 years.  Opened in 1989 by mogul Steve Wynn, its hotel was the largest-ever at 3k rooms and it was the first to have a sidewalk attraction with its volcano.  That paved the way for even bigger public spectacles like the dancing fountains at the Belagio.  The Mirage was also home to one-of-a-kind resident shows like Siegfried and Roy and the Cirque du Soleil Beatles music show.  MGM Resorts bought the Mirage from Wynn in 2000 and sold it for more than $1b two years ago to Hard Rock International.  After extensive renovation including demolishing the volcano to add space for more rooms it will reopen in 2027 as Hard Rock Las Vegas with a 700-foot tall guitar-shaped hotel tower.  Employees will be laid off in July.  Reservations beyond then will be cancelled and refunded.

News has become a polarizing topic in America.  KPBS yesterday published a story about what New York-based media watchdog NewsGuard called the proliferation of “pink slime” news, defined as a news outlets that present as traditional bias-free news.  The term comes from so-called pink slime meat that is actually finely-textured meat by-product used as filler in ground beef and other processed meats.  Pink slime news usually has an agenda, and does not have bylines or any way to contact individual reporters or editors.  Most content comes straight from government offices and elected officials.  Headlines often contain politically-charged words.  Another area in which news has become polarizing is social media where news is usually not vetted and is often mostly personal opinion if the item is original. “News” reposts are often from a difficult-to-trace source.  All of this leads to a public mistrust of all news, but for varying reasons, and that leads to the polarizing split of public opinion about news.  Unreliability of some news outlets or the biased intent of their reporting sources is leading media companies like Netflix to avoid news altogether. Yesterday’s announcement that Netflix is getting into live sports coverage brings the streaming platform ever closer to becoming the new norm for media distribution.  But so far, they’re doing it without news coverage.  Netflix is staying away from news because it makes business sense.  First, news is not as popular as entertainment.  Second, in the current media climate, news risks alienating viewers because it has become polarizing.  For example, although it’s been factually proven that the 2020 election was not stolen, the mere mention of it is off-putting to conservatives, making it more difficult to sell advertising on any program that says it.  The cable revolution brought about heavy investment in news that at least initially tried to be fair and unbiased. Networks like CNN joined the traditional over-the-air television network news divisions as trusted sources.  Newcomers diluted that trust.  Now, we’re at a turning point.  Cord-cutting continues.  Streaming is here to stay.  But will news be part of it?


On this day in music history – May 16,

  • 1964, Mary Wells began the first of two weeks at #1 with “My Guy”, which was written and produced by Smokey Robinson. 
  • In 1965, following a concert in Long Beach, the roof of the limo taking the Rolling Stones back to their hotel was caved in by fans standing on it.  The group members attempted to hold it up as the driver sped off, scattering bodies on the roadway. 
  • In 1966, the Beach Boys released “Pet Sounds”, one of the most musically influential albums of all time.  Rolling Stone magazine in 2003 ranked it at #2 on its 500 Greatest Albums list behind The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper” album. 
  • Bob Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde” album was released the same day. 
  • In 1970, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s “Déjà vu” album hit number 1.  It featured Top 40 singles “Teach Your Children”, “Our House”, and “Woodstock”. 
  • In 1974 Queen guitarist Brian May collapsed on the group’s first US tour suffering from hepatitis. 
  • In 1977, a report in British newspapers that Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant had been arrested for being drunk and pulling a knife at Atlanta Airport was found to be false, since Plant was at his home in Wales at the time.  The man impersonating Plant in Atlanta was arrested and the London Evening Standard published an apology. 
  • In 1980, former members of The Buggles, Geoff Downes and Trevor Horn joined Yes to replace Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman, who’d recently left the group.
  • In 1981, former member of the New Christy Minstrels, Kim Carnes began the first of nine weeks at #1 with “Bette Davis Eyes”. 
  • In 1984, unlike Robert Plant seven years earlier, it was the real Ozzy Osbourne who was arrested in Memphis for staggering drunk down Beale Street.  After drying out in jail for the night, he continued with his “Bark at the Moon” tour. 
  • In 2010, Ronnie James Dio died following a six-month battle with stomach cancer. 

Born on this day …

  • in 1919, Liberace. 
  • In 1946, songwriter, composer, session musician and leader of the group King Crimson, Robert Fripp.
  • In 1965, Krist Novoselic, bass player for Nirvana. 
  • In 1966, Janet Jackson, the youngest of the Jackson family.  She’s now sold over 100m records worldwide.

Other celebrity anniversaries today

  • Tori Spelling from TV’s “Beverly Hills 90210” is 51
  • Marc John Jefferies from TV’s “Tracy Morgan Show” is 34


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Pala Weather – sunny with a high of 72 this afternoon … morning clouds clearing to sunny and 75 tomorrow … 76 Saturday … 75 Sunday … partly sunny and 68 Monday … mostly sunny and 73 Tuesday … 74 Wednesday … overnight lows, 53 tonight … about 51 tomorrow and Saturday night … 49 Sunday through Tuesday night


Programming on Rez Radio 91.3 is made possible in part by the Pala Band of Mission Indians and donations from listeners like you. Call (760) 742-4200 or email for details on contributing to community radio in Pala.


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